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I want to thank each and every one of you for your commitment to keeping those in our care safe. ArmatusTM, the on-line training you are about to begin, communicates to you important information you need to know to prevent abuse. Successful completion of ArmatusTM is a condition of employment with us. Please give it the time and attention it deserves. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss them with your supervisor.

I wish you every success as you participate in ArmatusTM and in your career with us.

President of your organization

You are scheduled to take the following courses and successfully complete the quiz at the end of the course.   By clicking on the training courses below, you acknowledge the disclaimer issued by Praesidium Inc.

Title: Meet Sam
Status: Pending
Sam molests children and in this module he tells you how he gets away with it. You learn the types of molesters and the methods they use to manipulate their coworkers, parents, and children-all to meet their own needs. You also learn how to spot interactions between adults and children that may indicate danger.
Title: It Happened to Me
Status: Pending
Temper outbursts. Failing grades. Depression. Suicide. These are just a few of the effects of sexual abuse. In this module, you hear children and adults describe the devastating effects abuse had on their lives. You learn about the prevalence of abuse and specific characteristics that may put some children at higher risk of abuse.
Preventing Sexual Activity between Young Children
Status: Pending
Recent statistics indicate that incidents of sexual activity between young children in child care and other programs have increased dramatically. Learn how to determine if these actions are normal sexual curiosity, how to prevent them from occurring, and how to respond if they occur.

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Keeping Your YMCA Safe
Status: Pending
Find out what water, isolation, structure, absenteeism, and age have in common. This module shows you where and when abuse is more likely to occur in YMCA programs, and the specific steps you can take to keep children safe. You also learn how to keep yourself and your coworkers safe from false allegations of abuse.
Keeping Your Foster Care Safe
Status: Pending
Children in foster care often run the risk of being abused again. In this module you will learn pointers to establish effective relationships with foster parents and children; how to make the most out of your home visits; and six tested methods to keep foster children safe.
Keeping Your Camp Safe
Status: Pending
Camping can be a wonderful experience for kids. They make new friends, learn new skills, and increase their self-confidence. But not if they are abused at camp by a counselor or by another peer. This module shows you where and when abuse is most likely to happen in a camp setting and steps you can take to keep kids at camp safe.
Keeping Your School Safe
Status: Pending
This module shows you where and when abuse is more likely to occur in your schools, and the specific steps you can take to keep children safe. You also learn how to keep yourself and your coworkers safe from false allegations of abuse.
Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers
Status: Pending
This module shows volunteers how molesters operate, the devastating effects of abuse, and the specific steps volunteers can take to prevent abuse and false allegations of abuse.
Your Policies
Status: Pending
You must know your organization policies relevant to the prevention of abuse. To complete the module, you must indicate on-line that you have read, understood, and agree to comply with the policies.
Navigate the Murky Waters
of Sexual Harassment
Status: Pending
Changing standards in the work place require that everyone knows what conduct is acceptable and what conduct isn't. In this module, you'll learn how to avoid interactions that could lead to allegations of sexual harassment, and how to respond effectively if you believe someone is harassing you.

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