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Youth For Christ

For All Leaders – Armatus Online Abuse Prevention Training


  • Click here to enroll for the training (A valid registration code is required and can be obtained from your supervisor).
  • Click here to begin the training (you must already have an account).

If you need technical assistance please email support@praesidiuminc.com or call 800-743-6354.


For Administrative Leaders – Background Checks

In order to get started, contact Praesidium at bgccheckservice@praesidiuminc.com. A representative will contact you shortly with an Online Agreement for Services. Once you return the signed agreement, you will be emailed a username and password and may begin running background checks.

If you have already signed up for background checks, click on a link below to:

  1. Process or retrieve background checks.
  2. Change your password.

A copy of the consent form and the Background Check System User Manual can be found on your dashboard after logging in to the system.

If you need technical assistance please email bgccheckservice@praesidiuminc.com or call 800-743-6354.