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Empower, Educate, and Equip Your Staff and Volunteers to Prevent Abuse

Simplifying Abuse Prevention: Uncover the Essentials and Take Action with our User-Friendly Online Training, Equipping Your Teams with Tactical Ways to Spot and Prevent Early Signs of Abuse and Boundary Violations

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With our online abuse prevention training, we go beyond mere theoretical understanding. We believe that learners must be able to apply their knowledge to real-world situations effectively. Our interactive eLearning environment provides the perfect platform for learners to engage with the material and explore how they can tackle challenges in the workplace or real-life scenarios.

Our highly immersive interactive eLearning environments offer dynamic action plans, coaching playbooks, and a wealth of online resources that connect the “classroom” with the practical world. As learners work through engaging scenarios, they don’t just memorize statistics and processes; they develop the skills and knowledge necessary to address challenges independently and confidently.

By participating in our online abuse prevention training, learners enhance their value within the organization and communities they serve. They acquire the tools to navigate and overcome obstacles, becoming agents of change and contributing to a safer environment.

We are a mission-driven organization that believes abuse is preventable. Training to identify and stop red-flag behaviors and boundary violations is an essential step toward prevention. Equip your teams to do just that.

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Scaling Up Safety: Empower Your Organization with Praesidium Academy’s Versatile Abuse Prevention Platform

Praesidium Academy is designed to fit organizations of all sizes, ranging from 25 users to 25,000 users, ensuring that abuse prevention training is accessible to everyone. Our platform offers a comprehensive set of administrative tools designed to streamline the management of training programs. From user management and reporting to library course catalogs, we provide the necessary resources to efficiently track and monitor the progress of your organization’s training initiatives.

Onboarding new users is a breeze with our user-friendly interface and intuitive system. Our platform simplifies the process, allowing for seamless integration and quick adoption. Additionally, our email functionality enables effective communication with users, ensuring they receive timely updates and important information regarding their training.

At Praesidium, we believe that abuse prevention is a crucial step toward creating safe environments. Our scalable and feature-rich platform equips organizations of all sizes with the tools they need to implement effective training programs and make a lasting impact in preventing abuse.

With our online abuse prevention training, we go beyond mere theoretical understanding.

Technological Enhancements

HRIS System Integration

Simplify training management by seamlessly integrating Praesidium Academy with your HRIS (Human Resources Information System), enabling smooth data exchange and synchronization for user management and training records.

Seamless Background Check System Integration

Streamline your workflow by integrating Praesidium Academy with Praesidium’s background check system, allowing for a unified and efficient process of screening and training potential employees or volunteers.

SCORM Hosting Capabilities

Seamlessly host and deliver SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant courses on Praesidium Academy. Ensure compatibility and interoperability with various e-learning content standards, OR have access to our courses and place them on your own LMS.

Administrative Features

Customizable Reporting and Analytics

Keep essential training data at your fingertips with customizable reporting and analytics features. Easily track and analyze learner progress, completion rates, and performance metrics to gain valuable insights into your abuse prevention training programs.

Direct Email Communication

Stay connected with your learners through direct email functionality within Praesidium Academy. Send important updates, reminders, and notifications to learners, ensuring effective and timely communication.

Course Management

Easily manage and organize the courses that users need to take within the platform. Simplify the process of assigning and tracking required training, ensuring compliance and accountability.

User Benefits

Automatic Certificates

Upon completion of courses, users can instantly access automatic certificates, providing tangible recognition for their achievement and proof of training completion.

Custom Course Creation by Praesidium

Leverage the expertise of Praesidium’s team to create custom courses tailored to your specific organizational needs. Benefit from professionally designed and expertly crafted content that aligns with your abuse prevention goals.

Policy Course with “Click to Acknowledge”

Deploy a policy course within Praesidium Academy. Utilize the “Click to Acknowledge” feature to confirm that staff members have received, read, and reviewed your internal policies, ensuring compliance and understanding.