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Sexual Abuse Prevention

Prevent abuse. Start here. 

Abuse is contrary to the mission of organizations serving vulnerable populations. You have an incredible opportunity to foster a safe environment for those you serve and support, preventing any re-victimization from occurring. For some individuals, your organization may be the only safe place in their lives.  

Prevention requires being proactive and implementing resources designed specifically for your organization and industry. Our experts can help. We have many research-based resources to help you successfully manage high-risk activities and identify abuse before it occurs. 

Prevention Tools

Praesidium Academy

Online and in-person training options designed for both leadership and employees/volunteers


Designed for professionals who are charged with creating or implementing abuse prevention strategies within their organization

Praesidium Accreditation

Publicly demonstrates an organization’s commitment to safety and adherence to the highest standards in abuse prevention

Praesidium Screening

Background checks, reference checks, and associated resources to assist organizations with screening out potential offenders

Be proactive.

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