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Custom Training

Customized training for prevention, retention, and overall engagement. 

We provide on-premises and virtual training, workshops, webinars, and seminars for front-line employees and volunteers, as well as supervisors, administrators, organizational leaders, and board members, that cover a wide variety of sexual abuse risk management topics.

Popular On-site Training Topics:  

  • Preventing and responding to boundary violations and incidents of abuse
  • Preventing youth-to-youth sexualized behaviors
  • Best practices in screening and selection, monitoring and supervision strategies
  • Engaging leadership buy-in
  • How to create and maintain a culture of safety

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About our custom online training programs for your organization. We can also design, program, and produce online abuse prevention courses to meet your organization’s needs. Most learning management systems can publish these custom lessons, making them easy for your employees to utilize.  

Start training now to prevent abuse.

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