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Certified Praesidium Guardian

Your Safety Program Deserves a Guardian

Managing the risk of sexual abuse demands vigilance and adherence to the highest standards of preventionMake one person in your organization a certified Praesidium Guardian to ensure Praesidium’s gold standards in abuse prevention are being followed. Online courses and workshops are used to instruct and inform participants.

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Because you care about the safety of those under your watch and are passionate about abuse prevention, you can earn a valuable credential to carry throughout your career that showcases your commitment to protecting youth and vulnerable adults. Praesidium is sharing its foundations in organizational abuse prevention and the comprehensive and systematic approach to abuse risk management that will allow you to become the go-to resource within your organization.


Getting Started

Embarking on Your Certification Journey

The initial step towards certification involves identifying and selecting a workshop that fits your schedule and preferences. Explore our events page to find upcoming in-person and virtual sessions available for enrollment. Once you’ve chosen and registered for a workshop, you’ll gain access to the next phase of certification, setting you on the path towards becoming a certified Praesidium Guardian.


Foundations of Becoming a Certified Praesidium Guardian

Dive into the journey of becoming a Certified Praesidium Guardian, starting with our Praesidium Academy online training. Our comprehensive courses cover the fundamental aspects of the Praesidium Safety Equation®, ensuring all participants enter the workshop equipped with essential knowledge. From understanding acceptable behaviors to effective policy implementation, this lays the groundwork necessary to participate in elevated conversations that occurs during the workshop. The courses can take approximately 1 hour of online learning to complete.

Workshop Immersion

Hands-On Learning: Workshops for Praesidium Guardian Certification

Explore the immersive experience of our certification workshops, available in both in-person and online formats. Over three intense days or five comprehensive sessions, participants delve deep into abuse risk management, covering vital topics such as identifying red flag behaviors, creating monitoring plans, and responding to disclosures of abuse. Our workshops provide the practical skills and knowledge needed to excel as a certified Praesidium Guardian. Detailed agendas for workshops are available on each workshop event page.


Becoming a Certified Praesidium Guardian: The Final Step

Learn about the final step towards certification—passing the exam that tests participants’ knowledge gained during the workshop. With a passing grade, participants are certified for three years, equipped to safeguard vulnerable populations with confidence and competence.

Maintaining Certification

Sustaining Excellence: Maintaining Praesidium Guardian Certification

Discover the ongoing commitment required to maintain Praesidium Guardian Certification. Every three years, Certified Guardians must earn Praesidium safety points through continuous learning or other designated risk management activities focused on sexual abuse prevention. From personal growth initiatives to community engagement, Certified Praesidium Guardians demonstrate their active involvement in the fight against abuse, ensuring the longevity of their certification and the efficacy of their advocacy efforts.

Get more information on recertification and safety points HERE.

This is the best way to learn about best practices in abuse prevention. Professional staff will be available to guide you through the process with hands on and meaningful projects that will benefit your organization. Your Certification is a plus for your organization and for your professional development.

Patricia Correa, LPC-S, NCC, LCPAA, Director of Quality Improvement and Contracts
OCOK a division of ACH Child and Family Services

Praesidium Staff is very passionate about creating a culture of awareness and that infiltrated to me. I’ve always been passionate about my job, but now I have this fire. I’m ready to blaze away for UNT and that’s thanks to the Praesidium Guardian training. It’s the best investment you will make personally, not only for yourself and for your personal job duties that you do on a day-to-day basis, but for whatever organization, campus, or anything that you’re a part of. It’s just going to make that even better than it already is.

Rebekah Moreno, Insurance and Claims Specialist
University of North Texas

Having dealt with Abuse and Neglect for most of my professional career in a Child Placing Agency, the Presidium Guardianship Certification Program put a whole new perspective on the What, How, Why and Who. It provided a different set of lenses to look through. It is an invaluable program to help manage the risk of abuse in any organization. Provides clear, concise information which is laid out in a way that makes you understand the reasoning behind the methodology of the program. If you are even thinking about going: DO, it’s a training you will think about daily. One of the best trainings you will experience for you training dollars. I’m glad I did it and you will be too!”

Stella Maggs, LMSW-IPR, LCPAA, Director of Foster Care and Adoption
ACH Child and Family Services

Maintain the highest abuse prevention standards with a Praesidium Guardian.

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