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Your Safety Program Deserves a Guardian

Managing the risk of sexual abuse demands vigilance and adherence to the highest standards of preventionMake one person in your organization a certified Praesidium Guardian to ensure Praesidium’s gold standards in abuse prevention are being followed. Online courses and workshops are used to instruct and inform participants.

Online Courses

The first step in the certification process is to complete approximately 8–10 hours of online courses focusing on our proprietary risk management model, the Safety Equation®. This learning prepares you for the workshop.


The workshop is a highly interactive three-day experience of engaging activities, group discussions, and actual fieldwork. You learn from our experts and your peers as you discuss best practices in organizational abuse prevention and organizational change strategies to implement and maintain the best practices. The workshop prepares you for the next step, the Work and Learn assignment.

Maintain the highest abuse prevention standards with a Praesidium Guardian.

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