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Background Screening: A Deep Dive Into Adverse Action

As a user of background screening services, you have specific requirements under state and federal law to follow certain procedures if you are using background check information to deny employment, promotion, retention, or any other adverse action on your employment candidates and volunteers.

Join Praesidium’s Director of Background Screening, Kevin Neudecker, as we take a closer look at Adverse Action, the impact of state laws, and guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on the process and strategies for how to handle adverse action within your organization.

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Date + Time Begins June 5, 1:00pm
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Kevin Neudecker

Director of Background Screening

“I attended this webinar [series], and even after working with background checks and background check vendors for several years, I learned new things or thought differently about how we work with FCRA in our youth programs. I’m looking forward to the other webinars in the series!”

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