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Screening: The First Step in Creating a Safe Church

Join us for an informative webinar designed to help you enhance the safety and security of your ministry through robust screening practices. Learn how to safeguard your congregation and ensure compliance with Safe Church requirements.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Best Practices in Screening to Keep Your Ministries Safe: Discover the essential screening practices that can help protect your ministry from potential risks and create a safe environment for all.
  • Screening Nuances for Different Roles: Understand the specific screening requirements for various roles within your ministry, from volunteers to clergy, and how to tailor your process accordingly.
  • Leveraging Praesidium Academy to Track Safe Church Requirements: Learn how to utilize the tools and resources available through Praesidium Academy to effectively monitor and fulfill your Safe Church obligations.
  • Getting Started with an Improved Screening Process: Get practical advice on how to implement a more effective and streamlined screening process in your ministry, ensuring thoroughness and efficiency.

Who Should Attend:

  • Diocesan Safe Church administrators
  • Local church leaders and administrators
  • Faith formation and youth ministry leaders
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Date + Time Begins August 8, 1:00pm
Ends August 8, 2:00pm CST

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Christy Schiller, MA

Vice President of Consulting

Jamie Fray Mills

Business Development Manager