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Social Media Search

Praesidium’s Social Media Search

Social Media Search is a scalable background screening solution that includes web and social data. We assist businesses in making unbiased public content a part of their hiring procedure without the need for a complicated, time-consuming process.

Tolerance, sexism, and aggression are all major worries at every level of the employee lifecycle. Our Social Media Search compiles problematic online conduct and supplements existing background screening procedures to help companies find trustworthy contributors for safe and productive workplaces.

Screens Social Activity





How It Works

Our operation process combines technology and human review to deliver actionable reports.

Step 1

The process is started by using artificial intelligence to analyze a candidate’s public social media profiles. It then gets reviewed by our experts to ensure accuracy.

Step 2

With the information we receive, we compile the flagged content into a report for your review. This report contains the confirmed accounts identified as well as screenshots of the flagged content.

Step 3

A unique Protected Class Safety Feature is applied to each report, redacting protected class information pertaining to the subject. From there, we deliver the report of relevant data for informed hiring.

Download Samples

To get a better understanding of what our Social Media Search service offers, we’ve provided two free sample reports below.

Contains offensive content.

Plan Comparison

Learn about Praesidium’s Social Media Search

The actionable and concise Social Media Search is built with sophisticated augmented intelligence technology, enhancing background screening programs with bias and error-free data for over 10 years.

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